What Color Should I Paint the Entry and Hallways?

 What Color Should I Paint the Entry and Hallways?

We all know the power of a first impression, so it is only logical that we give serious thought to the entryway of our home. Though it is not a place we tend to linger or lounge, it is the first place our guests see, and we want a foyer to be both welcoming and attractive. With that in mind, what color should you paint the entryway of your home? And what is a good color for hallways?

Most people choose light shades of neutral colors when they paint their interior entryways and halls. Though there are other options and possibilities, there are good reasons for this aesthetic choice.

Neutral Colors Are Easy to Match

In almost every home, the entryway is connected to other spaces. Either it opens onto a living room, a hallway, or another open area. This means that whatever colors you use in your entry and hallway need to coordinate well with the other rooms in your home. Using a non-neutral color can make this matching more difficult, limiting your options for those other spaces. Neutrals, on the other hand, provide a launching point from which the various rooms of your home can go in a wide range of directions.

The most popular neutral tones are white, gray, and beige. There are also light shades of creamy yellow, pale blue, and mint or sage green that can work in a similar way to neutrals.

If You Are Planning to Sell, Paint with Neutrals

Real estate agents tend to agree that the best interior paints for selling a home are neutrals. This is because of their wide appeal to the largest number of potential home buyers. While neutral interior paint colors might not instantly draw the eye like other hues would, they are very unlikely to turn anyone away.

Light Colors Feel Spacious

Why do people rarely use dark neutrals such as black, brown, and darker grays in an entryway or hallway? The main reason is that light colors feel farther away, creating a sense of openness. This can make a big difference in a small home, avoiding the potential cramped feeling they sometimes have.

In a larger home, a light-colored entryway feels extra large. It accentuates the height of the ceiling and the openness of the space, giving a sense of grandeur to the room.

Remember the Quality, not Just the Color

No matter what color you paint your home interior, the quality is of vital importance. You want crisp lines, uniform sheen, smooth surfaces and a durable finish, or the attractiveness of your colors will be undermined.

This type of premium house painting can only be achieved with meticulous surface preparation, high-quality interior paints, and expert craftsmanship. In other words, the best results come from a professional house painting company!

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