When to Schedule Interior Painting Projects

 When to Schedule Interior Painting Projects

It can be challenging to plan out an interior house painting project. If you plan to do it yourself, there is all the time of planning, staging, prepping, painting, and cleanup. Even if you hire a professional interior house painter, you will need to find a time when the project fits into your schedule. There are important factors to consider, like how long does interior painting take, and can I use my home normally while the interior is painted?

In order to help you plan the best time to schedule your interior painting, we will take a look at some of the most important factors to consider.

Schedule Sooner, Even if the Painting Happens Later

Interior painting companies here in the Washington, D.C. region often get booked up well in advance. Even if your painting project is months away, it is a good idea to get on the schedule as soon as possible.

Fall is the busiest time for interior painting, for a couple of reasons. First, painters here in Maryland and northern Virginia need to fit their exterior painting into the warmer, dryer months, so they do not begin scheduling as much interior painting until the fall. Additionally, many families plan to host gatherings in their homes around Thanksgiving or Christmas, so they want their interior painting done before that.

If you are hoping to have your home interior painted in the fall, you will want to schedule that as soon as possible.

The Slow Months for Professional House Painters

Most industries and businesses have seasons that are more busy and less busy. For D.C. area house painters, those slower months are usually January through March. The fall rush has passed, holiday entertaining is behind, and people tend to think about interior painting less.

That makes these months a fantastic time to schedule your interior painting! Because the schedules are generally more open, you are likely to be able to schedule the painting when it is most convenient to your family. Also, some painting companies offer deals or discounts during these months. Finally, if you schedule your interior painting during the months of January to March, you help your painting company to provide stable, year-round jobs to their employees.

How Long Does Interior House Painting Take?

There are many factors that influence how long it takes to paint a home interior. To really go into detail on this would require another post. However, the main two factors are the size of the project and the level of detail.

  • Project size: Obviously, the more areas that need interior painting, the more time will be needed to paint. Additionally, this means more time protecting the area and preparing the surfaces.
  • Level of detail: The condition of the prior paint is a major factor, since it may require extensive remediation and repair, or it might just need one quick topcoat. Additionally, details like trim and molding, railing spindles and bookshelves/cabinets will add to the time it takes to finish the interior painting.

That said, the average interior house painting project takes 3-5 days. Here at Williams Professional Painting, we can often put more painters on a job to help it get done faster, if that is important to the homeowner.

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