Can I Live in My House during Interior Painting?

 Can I Live in My House during Interior Painting?

Many people living in the Washington, D.C. area imagine the experience of having their home interiors repainted, and wonder whether they can continue living in their homes throughout the process. There are several reasons why interior house painting might bring this question to mind.

  • Maybe the wet paint is unhealthy to smell or breathe
  • I might be in the way of the painters and slow down their work
  • Having interior painters in my home could make life inconvenient

These are valid concerns, but in almost every case, it is entirely possible for you to continue living in your home while a painting company completes your interior house painting.

About the Fumes: Is Interior Paint Unhealthy?

Interior paints are famous for having distinctive odors, but do they still deserve that reputation? While oil-based paints have strong fumes that are unhealthy to breathe, the latex-acrylic based paints used today are not harmful. Additionally, you can request that your D.C. area house painter use zero-VOC paints, and rest easy knowing there are no unpleasant or unhealthy fumes in your home environment.

Will We Get in Each Other's Way?

Your local house painter has long experience staging interior paint jobs, so there is generally no reason why you would have to move out of your house while it is painted. Even if you are getting a complete interior repaint, the project can be done in sections. That way, you can keep living in most of the house while one part is being painted. Generally, a room can be prepped and painted in a day, so you can get back into that room quickly.

If there is extensive repair work or wallpaper stripping that needs to happen prior to painting, it will take longer to complete a section, and you may have a couple days where a room is not useable during the day. That said, in most cases you could still use the room in the evenings and through the night.

Kitchens can also be a longer process, especially if you are having kitchen cabinet painting done. Because of the amount of setup to do this well, your kitchen might need to remain unused for up to a week. If you are ok with cereal or toast for breakfast and takeout or microwave meals for dinner, you should not need to move out, though.

What if the Whole House Interior Gets Painted at Once?

If you do want to simply move out for a couple of days, your interior painting company can usually put more workers on the job, and get the whole project done more quickly. There would be less need for setup and cleanup each work day, and many more people could be accomplishing their work simultaneously. If this sounds like a more appealing option to you, talk with your house painter and ask them how quickly they could get the job done if you were not in the house.

Do Kids and Pets Affect This Decision?

If you have young children or pets who are usually home during the day, you may have a harder time keeping them out of the active work areas. You may want to come up with a plan to have them out of the home while the painters are working. Also, at the end of each work day, the fresh paint needs time to cure, so muddy handprints or the spray from a wet dog shaking himself dry could make a more damaging impression. If it would not be possible to keep your children and pets away from the drying paint, a short stay elsewhere might be worth considering.

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