Is It Important to Pressure Wash before Exterior Painting?

 Is It Important to Pressure Wash before Exterior Painting?

When an exterior painting company says they need to power wash before they can do your exterior house painting, are they just trying to upsell you? Or does pressure washing really make a difference in the quality of your exterior paint job? The truth is, a good wash is almost always necessary prior to exterior painting here in the Washington, D.C. region, and skipping it can create significant problems.

Why is power washing a key step in the exterior house painting process? There are two main reasons for this.

Pressure Washing Ensures Good Exterior Paint Adhesion

It doesn't matter how great your paint color is if the paint is not sticking to the walls! In order to make sure your exterior paint does not fail prematurely, the painting company needs to give it optimal conditions for adhering to the surface. This means a clean, dry, sound surface.

Over the course of a year, many types of residue build up on the exterior of homes in Virginia and Maryland. These residues include pollen, dust, airborne pollution, bird droppings, plant matter, and mildew. If exterior paint is applied directly over these surface contaminants, it will not hold properly to the surface below, which will significantly shorten the life of your exterior house paint.

Pressure washing is an excellent way to remove the crud that coats our homes, getting it ready for a fantastic, long-lasting paint job!

A Clean, Smooth Surface Looks Better when Painted

Have you ever looked at a poorly done paint job and noticed all kinds of items painted right onto the wall? Bugs, tape, dirt, hair, leaves, cobwebs... it could be just about anything. The point is, when a dirty surface is painted, it still looks dirty. The wall looks uneven and sloppy, and if any of those painted-on items come off, they leave bare spots where the prior color shows through.

In contrast, when the home exterior is thoroughly washed prior to painting, the new paint goes on smoothly and evenly. This leaves beautifully uniform surfaces that continue to look great year after year!

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