Local Interior Commercial Painting Project - Water Treatment Plant

 Local Interior Commercial Painting Project - Water Treatment Plant

When we turn on the faucet, we rarely think about where our water is coming from, but we know, of course, that it must come from somewhere. Here in the Washington, D.C. area, most of it comes through some kind of water treatment plant. Did you ever stop to think about what it would take to paint a commercial facility like that? Like all of our commercial painting jobs, this one came with special challenges, but it was nothing our experienced crews couldn't handle!

Commercial Painting in Sensitive Environments

As you can probably guess, our first priority on this painting project was avoiding any contamination of the water. After all, even those who enjoy "new paint smell" don't want it in their drinking water!

This concern is not unique to painting a water treatment plant. We have done interior commercial painting for many businesses and industries with similar requirements. For example, restaurants, food production facilities, laboratories and hospitals all require exceptional caution from their commercial painting contractors.

One way that we maintain the cleanliness of a commercial facility is with extensive use of environmental containment. For example, we use plastic sheeting and strong tape to create temporary barriers, ensuring that all spray and odors are kept away from sensitive areas. We can also use fans and ventilation equipment to control exactly how and where the air is flowing.

Another key to interior commercial painting in this kind of environment is product selection. At Williams Professional Painting, we have extensive experience with low-VOC and zero-VOC products, which can minimize or even eliminate the odors and airborne chemicals commonly associated with painting. This means that all of our commercial painting clients, from hospitals to food-handling facilities, can enjoy uninterrupted cleanliness to their interior air supply.

Scheduling and Staging Commercial Painting

Managing a business or commercial facility can be challenging enough, before trying to bring in a painting contractor! With clients, employees, incoming materials, outgoing products, plus the actual work of the business, there is no room for chaos or confusion.

As an experienced commercial painting company, we know how important it is to coordinate our services to keep any disruptions to an absolute minimum. In the case of this water treatment plant, for example, we could not simply turn off the water supply to a large portion of the Washington, D.C. metro region!

Fortunately, our project managers are skilled at working closely with facility managers to ensure the smoothest project possible. We can work nights, weekends, holidays, or around the clock, in order to make the interior painting process as seamless as possible for you. Our crews are also well aware of the need to maintain a tidy, safe work environment as we complete our projects.

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