4 Reasons Our Painters and Decorators Love Commercial Wallcoverings

4 Reasons Our Painters and Decorators Love Commercial Wallcoverings

If you are like most commercial property owners, you want a commercial space that is functional, yet still tells the story of your business. If, for example, you run an office for creative professionals, you will want to curate a space that cultivates creativity through your use of texture and paint colors. If you manage a condominium association or a salon, you will want to communicate comfort and style as you pair your design elements.

The great thing about commercial wallcoverings is that, by using them, you can accomplish all this and more. This week, our painters and decorators have gathered up a list to convince you that wallpaper is a must in your next commercial redesign.

Commercial Wallpaper Gives You A Custom Look

Pattern and texture can work together alongside paint colors to create a space that is unique to your Arlington, VA business. We can help you expertly select modern florals, geometric patterns or subtle textures that will communicate professionalism, whimsy or relaxation without ever saying a word.

Faux But Fancy

If your space feels more than a little blah, or your ceilings leave a lot to be desired, think about creating a more expensive vibe using wallcoverings. For example, you can create the look of a tin ceiling for your vintage shop by using a commercial wallpaper, coated in wall paint. In that same vein, if you have a wall in your commercial space that has seen better days, a wallcovering will not only enhance your space, but will also cover up dings and blemishes.

Texture Tells Your Story

By using paint color and texture in harmony, you can create an ambiance that speaks volumes more than wall paint color alone. If you want your restaurant to really have a farm to table feeling, using a faux-wood wall covering will give your customers a rustic, natural vibe. If you want a pediatric practice where kids feel at home, a colorful wallpaper can distract them from their fears of getting a shot. If you want a more subtle texture for your Washington, DC commercial property, our painters can expertly apply a textured wallcovering that can be painted over, giving you a combination of color and pattern that is uniquely yours.

Commercial Wallcoverings Stand The Test Of Time

Professionally applied wallcoverings will protect your commercial investment in a way that interior paint alone cannot. In fact, these commercial products can be up to 10 times more durable than wall paint alone when it comes to protecting your drywall from the daily wear and tear of your business. You can cover your walls and your wallet, protecting you from furniture moving mishaps to employees with a penchant for dropping drink trays.

If you are ready to take your Arlington, VA commercial space to the next level and create a customized ambiance for your customers or tenants, give us a call. We can step in to transform your property and provide advice and support every step of the way. From savvy paint color consultation to expert interior painting and wallpaper application, you will be left with a look you love and a process that was so simple and flexible that your business went on as usual.

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