​Fun and Easy Accent Walls for Kids’ Rooms

​Fun and Easy Accent Walls for Kids’ Rooms

Nurseries and kids’ rooms are some of the most fun rooms of a home to decorate. What could be better than creating a space that lets you reconnect with your inner child and go wild with color and pattern?

One of the most affordable ways to put a personal touch on any child’s room is with paint. We’ve rounded up 5 easy accent walls you can create with interior paint. Swap out the colors or change up the designs however you like to make a space perfectly customized to your child’s personality.

Silverado - Jayman MasterBUILT

Photo by Wen-Di Interiors

A Twist on Traditional Painted Stripes

You’ve probably seen plenty of examples of rooms with painted stripes that are all the same width, but this accent wall with stripes of varying widths feels a little more playful. Selecting paint in a variety of colors is a great way to define a color theme for a room or to tie together accessories that lack a common color.

Galaxy Gazer Nursery

Photo by SuzAnn Kletzien Design

Seeing Spots

This accent wall offers all the same paint color possibilities as the striped accent wall but with the potential for even more variation. Paint the circles randomly all over the wall, create a grid with them, or make them appear to float upwards by distributing them more heavily at the bottom as in the example above. The possibilities for this style of painted accent wall are almost endless!

Nautical shared room

Photo by Young Folk

An Accent Wall Using Diagonals

If you’re looking for an accent wall that adds color and interest but won’t overpower a space, this simple pattern manages to feel cheerful yet centered. We love how these homeowners used a different paint color for each quadrant on the grid, but you could use as few as two colors to simplify the accent wall further.

Urban Romantic

Photo by Lucy Interior Design

Fun with Geometric Patterns

It doesn’t get much more fun than this wall of repeating triangles in a rainbow of colors! If you have extra cans of interior paint or sample pots sitting around the house, this would be a great way to use them up.

Photo by Amanda Prior, Inside Out Magazine

Create an Easy Landscape

The mural on this room may look fancy, but it couldn’t be simpler to make. Painter’s tape stuck to the wall at different angles to form a zigzag creates an abstracted ridgeline that is sure to have any child dreaming of the outdoors.

Having Fun with Paint in Your Home

Hopefully, this collection of easy accent walls has you inspired to bust out the painter’s tape and brushes and have a little fun creating something special in your child’s room. If you’re still on the hunt for more great accent wall inspiration this roundup is sure to have something that you will love!

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