Can Vinyl Shutters Be Painted? NOVA Painting Tips

Can Vinyl Shutters Be Painted? NOVA Painting Tips

Here in Northern Virginia, most homes enjoy the classic look of having window shutters. While older homes were equipped with wooden shutters, which of course need painting every 5 to 10 years, most newer homes are adorned with vinyl shutters. Designed to retain their strength and color through all types of weather, many vinyl shutters will not need painting for decades! However, some vinyl shutters will fade with time and exposure. Also, what happens if you want to change the color of your shutters?

Fortunately, vinyl shutters can be painted with very attractive and durable results! If you select the right paints and you follow the right steps, your newly-painted shutters will bring a fresh touch to your home exterior. So, what do you need to do?

Steps for Painting Vinyl Shutters

The first thing to do is remove the shutters from the house, if this can be easily accomplished. This makes it very easy to avoid damaging the house as you clean and paint the shutters, reducing the need to tape and tarp the work area. Also, all your shutters can be laid out in one area, making the cleaning and painting process much more efficient.

Whether they stay on the house or they are laid out in rows, cleaning your vinyl shutters is a step you can't afford to skip. Use a scrub brush with water and a mild detergent. If there is any mold or mildew present, add some bleach to the cleaning solution. Get the shutters good and clean, rinse them off, and let them dry thoroughly.

Acrylic-latex paints are excellent for adhering to vinyl surfaces, so a primer will not be necessary in most cases. However, primer is cheap and easy to apply, and it may increase the longevity of your paint job. It's up to you!

Once the vinyl shutters are dry, they are ready to paint. Spend the extra money to get premium exterior-grade acrylic-latex paint. Since you are not painting many square feet of surface area, you won't need a lot of paint, making the extra expense quite modest. A high-quality exterior paint will keep truer color for a longer period of time.

As you paint, watch out for runs or drips. The slats on a shutter can be places where paint tends to pool, only to run out a few minutes later. Go back over the painted shutters before the paint begins to dry and touch up any places where there are runs in the paint. Also, remember to keep your brushstrokes going in uniform directions. Picture your shutters as if they were made of wood, and always paint with the grain.

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