Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Your Northern VA Home

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Your Northern VA Home

You might know this already, but there’s a lot to love about kitchen cabinet painting.

And, because of the practice’s unprecedented popularity, there are more inspirational colors, style, and trends swirling around the home improvement world than ever before. The kitchen is no longer just a utilitarian space where meals are made and dishes washed; it really sets the tone for the entire home, and is the center of life inside your walls.

So, are you ready for a little kitchen-spiration?

Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

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  • White and Grey - These two options are winning the popularity contest over and over again. Why? Well, they’re pretty, classic, and timeless, and these are valuable attributes when it comes to choosing a relatively permanent color for a space as important as the kitchen. There also are countless options and variations found under each of these broad color categories, leaving plenty of room for personal taste.
  • Include a Natural Element - Also timelessly pretty, many homeowners are working in natural wood accents. This might be a set of wooden stools at the kitchen island, open wood shelving, or a section of strategically-placed butcher block countertop.
  • Turn Your Island Into an Accent - Let’s say your cabinets are white, but you’d still like to inject a little extra color to the space. How about painting just your island a unique, bolder color?
  • Different Colors for Your Upper and Lower Cabinets - Typically a darker color is used on the bottom, and a lighter one on top. This creates a pleasant, subtle contrast (or a stark contrast, depending on your taste).

Should You Hire a Professional Cabinet Painter?


Too many well-intentioned do-it-yourself resources have made cabinet painting appear to be a quick, weekend project. Get a few cans of product, apply, and suddenly you have a showpiece of a kitchen.

To really enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, enduring finish, your project needs to be left in the hands of a cabinet painting professional who has the right knowledge and tools at their disposal. You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship every time you walk into your kitchen.

If you live in the Northern Virginia area, we hope you’ll reach out to us at Williams Professional Painting with your house painting questions. It would be our pleasure to talk with you!

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