​Should You Hire A Professional to Paint Your Northern Virginia Home?

​Should You Hire A Professional to Paint Your Northern Virginia Home?

Painting is our passion. We know there are plenty of homeowners in the Northern Virginia area who share our enthusiasm for the transformative power of paint. Some of them like to pick up a brush and roller and some of them prefer to leave the job to a professional. We love it when homeowners do their research and take an active role in maintaining their homes, but we do think there are times when DIY isn’t in you or your home’s best interest.

To help you recognize those occasions we compiled this list of questions to ask yourself before starting a painting project. If you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to one or more of these it might be time to put down the brush and call a professional painter.

  • Do I need this project finished quickly? Are you hosting overnight guests or getting your house ready to go on the market? High stress situations that require a significant amount of prep work in a lot of different areas are a good time to delegate tasks. A professional painter will be able to finish the job quickly and will handle all of the messy prep work and cleaning afterwards!
  • Do your walls/surfaces need a lot of prep work? Peeling paint or crumbling corners on walls will need significant prep work before you begin painting. A quality painter will be knowledgeable in the specific steps that will need to be taken to ensure a beautiful, long lasting finish.
  • Are you painting a high or awkward space? Vaulted ceilings, stairwells, and exterior painting require working on ladders or renting special equipment like scaffolding. Without proper training in ladder safety these projects can be outright dangerous for a homeowner to attempt on his or her own.
  • Are you up for the physical demands of painting your space? Painting is hard work! Moving furniture, prepping walls, painting, and cleaning up afterwards can be exhausting. Even the most avid DIYer might find there are times when he/she isn’t up to the demands, and there is no shame is getting help when you really need it.

Help on your next painting project is just a phone call away! Contact us today to schedule your estimate.

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