What Color Should I Paint My Interior Trim?

What Color Should I Paint My Interior Trim?

To some people, asking what color should be used for interior trim is like asking what color your teeth should be: white, of course! And there is a lot to be said for white trim. In most cases, we would recommend it as the clear choice for just about any room. However, is white the only acceptable trim color? Of course not! If you're wondering what color you should paint your interior trim, here are a few tips for you.

The Case for White Interior Trim Paint

White matches with anything. It will never clash with your wall colors, your curtains, your rug or your armchair. It is airy and bright, promoting an open feeling. Against dark colors, it provides a welcome balance and contrast. Even against light colors, a semi-gloss white trim makes an excellent frame. Finally, you can even use white trim with white walls, for a clean, modern, trendy look.

If you want to be safe, timeless and classy, white interior trim is a no-brainer!

Other Neutral Options for Interior Trim

After white, black is possibly the most common option for interior trim. It is bold and provides a clear outline and contrast. It definitely draws attention to your trim! To make this work, you need enough trim in the room to provide some balance. If you just have a black baseboard and nothing else, it will look out of place. But if you also have crown molding and a window frame, for example, this could look phenomenal!

Photo by McCroskey Interiors - Discover home office design ideas

Grays are definitely on their way in, when we talk about other paint colors for interior trim. A white wall with a glossy gray crown has a striking look that is perfect for a formal dining room or an elegant living room.

Photo by RW Anderson Homes - Look for entryway design inspiration

There are also hundreds of creamy or off-white colors that can make a fantastic trim color, depending on the walls.

These neutral options are helpful because they also match with almost anything.

Can I Use a Non-neutral Trim Paint Color?

Absolutely! The options are literally endless, but it will take a little more care and creativity, and maybe even the willingness to change your mind if it didn't turn out like you hoped. When you use a non-neutral trim color, it needs to coordinate well with the main wall colors, as well as with the rest of your room decor. Here are some thoughts:

If you walls are white, you can get away with just about anything! Brown, green, blue, yellow... there are lots of options. But unless you're a 50's diner, you probably don't want red trim.

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Yellow walls look phenomenal with dark-blue, brown, and some shades of purple. Yellow and green can work, but be careful; it can also look sickly.

Tan colored walls can really go well with a rich brown or deep blue trim.

Photo by Clayton&Little Architects - More dining room ideas

In general, it's best to use a lighter color trim on dark walls. On light walls, if you're not going with white, then a dark color may be your best option.

Look at Lots of Pictures!

One of the fantastic advantages we have these days when choosing paint colors is that we can look at millions of pictures online. A quick search on Google images, Pinterest, Houzz and other similar sites can give us a massive set of ideas. Make a collection of ideas you like, and then gradually narrow them down.

A really important factor in this process is that you need to consider the features of your rooms and compare them to the features in the photos. What looks good in one house will look aweful in a different one. Try to find pictures of rooms that have similar aspects, such as the amount of light, the type of flooring, the size and openness, and so on.

Professional Color Advice

If you have are looking for a change, but you're not sure what color trim paint to use, we have the perfect solution. We have a professional interior design consultant on our staff, so that you can get friendly, expert advice that is customized to your home and your desires.

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