Why Does the Quality of Your Exterior Paint Matter?

Why Does the Quality of Your Exterior Paint Matter?

We recently posted an article that explores exterior painting price vs. value, and why cheaper services often translate to a greater long term expense. If you missed it, check it out here! It’s worth the click (if we do say so ourselves).

Today, let’s unpack just one part of what we touched on in our last post: quality of paint.

Does it matter? Is it just an inflated part of your estimate? Do you really get what you pay for?

Debunking the Myth That All House Paint Is Basically the Same

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A high-end chef looks for very specific, fresh, delicious ingredients, right? They know what they need to make the dish all that it can be, and settling for anything less detracts from the finished product.

Paint, in many ways, is similar. There are four primary ingredients, and these ingredients differ drastically depending on the quality of the product you choose.

  • Solvent - Liquid that ensures the binders and pigments stay in a suspended state until after they’re applied
  • Binders - Come together to create the paint film as the solvent evaporates
  • Additives - Determine drying time and other features of the curing process
  • Pigment - This is essentially the color of your paint

Each component needs to perform to its highest capacity, and when it does, well, you have a vastly superior paint and finish.

Cheaper brands and bargain options may look the part for a while, but over time their deficiencies start to show through (sometimes literally). Not only is it visually disappointing, but it also means that you’ll need to paint more frequently (driving up expenses), your home will not be protected as well, and the overall value of your update will begin to plummet.

How Does Investing In Better Paint Pay You Back?

Photo by Williams Professional Painting

  • Color retention - Your color won’t fade or change over time
  • Longevity - How does painting every 7-10 years instead of every 3-4 sound?
  • Durability - More effective protection against UV rays, rain and snow, temperature fluctuations, pests...
  • Ease of Application - Efficient coverage translates to more product savings
  • Enduring Value - Quality shows!

Talk To Your Painter About the Products They Use

Your painting company should be an open book. Don’t be afraid to ask what products they’re recommending/using, and why. Some painters use products from diverse manufacturers for different surfaces, while others are completely sold on one brand above all others. Either way, they can tell you exactly what they’re choosing and how it will benefit your home.

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