How You Know Great Interior Painting when You See It!

How You Know Great Interior Painting when You See It!

When you first glance at a wall, a great paint job might not appear too different from a careless or sloppy one. However, when you look at the details, you get a very different overall effect, and you can certainly tell the difference in quality. So, what are those details? How can you tell a great interior paint job?

Joints and Lines

One of the fastest ways of telling a well-done paint job from a budget one is the crispness and straightness of the paint at the joints and lines. You can begin at the ceiling where it meets with the wall: is the line tidy and straight? How about when two different colors meet: are the lines distinct and sharp? And the trim, baseboards, window frames? The cleaner the lines at the joints and edges are, the higher quality your paint job is.

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Fixtures, Faceplates and Knobs

The quality of a paint job often shows up around any fixtures, faceplates or knobs. There should not be any drips or splatters of paint on them. At the same time, the paint should come right up to the edges, so the color underneath does not show through.

When you are checking the paint quality, see whether the paint comes smoothly to the edge without painting the item itself. That is a superior paint job!

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Level, Smooth Walls

Walls will eventually be damaged, but a skillful painter will take time to carefully patch any scrapes or dents, and then put primer on the area. A preparation like this will make sure of a beautiful, smooth wall. A cheap painter will either patch these areas sloppily or not at all.

To ensure that a wall is well-prepared, look at it from an angle where it reflects light. This will show you the quality of the work.

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Even Paint Coverage

When you look at a high-quality interior paint job, whether close up or standing back, you see consistent colors and coverage. If, however, the job has been rushed or not applied carefully, you can recognize it by any of these signs:

  • Patches of thin coverage
  • Tiny spots that got missed
  • Splatters and drips
  • Obvious brush-strokes by the edges of walls, windows and doors
  • Paint roller marks

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